Faq's & Rules


Welcome to the FAQ section of Anglers Dream. 


Q: Do I have to pay membership fees to fish in Anglers Dream tournaments?


A: YES, a yearly membership is required. A regular membership fee is $40 - $80 per team. 


Q: What is the membership fee used for?


A: Most of the membership fee covers the expenses of the web site, insurance and marketing the events with a remaining portion pooled into the Tournament of Champions prize fund.


Q: How do I qualify for the Tournament of Champions?


A: To qualify for this event two entrants must be designated as a team on the entry forms for the qualifying events that they participated in. They also must participate in a minimum of three events together. This team must accumulate 160 or more points in five events or less in any one division. Points are accumulated as following. The winner of a qualifying event receives 30 points pluss the number of entries in that event. An example would be a winner of an event with 20 teams participating will receive 50 points, second place 49, third 48, and fourth 47 so forth down to 30 points. A mimimum of 30 points is awarded for any team that participates in a event. In the case that a tournament has less than ten points the first place team would receive 40 points. Second place 39 on down the line.


Q: Is there a separate entry fee for the Tournament of Champions?


There is a $240 entry fee to the tournament of champions..


Q: How is the location of the Tournament of Champions determined?

A. The Anglers Dream staff chooses the site. Special efforts are made to have a neutral site..


Q: Can a non-tournament fisherman benefit from the site?

A: Yes definately!! They can use to access different information on bodies of water plus tactics used by the top fishermen.