Top 100 bass lakes of 2014 | Bassmaster

Number 57
Lake Michigan,Indiana
43 miles of shoreline
Indiana has the smallest share of this lake compared to any other U.S. state that borders it. That said, the state’s recent shoreline development (riprap and breakwaters) has launched great smallie fishing.




Southern Lake Michigan Team Bass Fishing Tournaments. Fish with us on the Indiana and Chicago, IL waters of Lake Michigan!

2021 Division 1 Lake Michigan 

Entry Fee

*Includes 1st & 2nd Big Bass
Over 83% Payback at the Ramp

6 Qualifying Events

1 Divisional Championship 120% Payback

Tournament of Champions 180% Payback

Director: Joe Quick (815) 263-5491


Tournaments will be postponed and rescheuled any time there are small craft warnings or advisories

or if in discretion of the director the conditions are unsafe.

Boat US

24/7 Boat Towing Services

TowBoatUS Michigan City

Michigan City, IN


Visist the official Angler's Dream Division 1-Lake Michigan Facebook page

2021 Schedule of Events

Divisional Championship Fund
Number of Boats X $6.00


Anglers of the Year Fund
Number of Boats X $4.00




Tournament of Champions


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