Braidwood Lake Off Limits

All mandatory DNR off limits on Braidwood Lake are not to be violated during these events. There will be no entry or casting into these areas including the cold water discharge. Violation of any of these restrictions is grounds for disqualification from this event and a permanent suspension from all of Anglers Dream future tournaments.

Sample Payback

10 Boat Pay Back

1st Place - $1000

2nd Place - $250

Big Bass - $100

20 Boat Pay Back

1st Place - $1650

2nd Place - $600

3rd Place - $250

Big Bass - $200

 2020 Division 23 

Braidwood Lake 

Entry Fee

*Includes Big Bass

5 Qualifying Events

1 Open Tournament

83% Payback at the Ramp

Tournament of Champions 180% Payback


Jon Linnemen (815) 791-5453
Steve Mores (815)-791-0570

Schedule of Events

    Date                           Ramp                                        Location                                        Time


April 19                      South Ramp                            Braidwood, IL                          6:15am to 2:30pm

April 25                      South Ramp                            Braidwood, IL                          6:15am to 2:30pm                                                                                 

May 3                         South Ramp                            Braidwood, IL                          6:15am to 2:30pm 

May 31                       South Ramp                            Braidwood, IL                          6:15am to 2:30pm 


June 14                      South Ramp                            Braidwood, IL                          6:15am to 2:30pm 


June 28                      South Ramp                            Braidwood, IL                          6:15am to 2:30pm 

                 Open Tournament - No Membership Required - Nomad Points Awarded 



Tournament of Champions


Singles Championship


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