Special Event


Go for the Gold

September 23

$400 Entry Fee

90% Payback at the Ramp

Minumum of $2000 Guaranteed

Top Finshing Team that is a  Member of Anglers Dream Prior to the Event Recieves a Paid Entry to the 2018 Tournament of Champions

Double Points Awarded To Anglers Dream Members






Special Notice:

Due to necessary cancellations earlier in the year, we are making some needed changes to the Anglers Dream Braidwood Division 23. Our September 2nd tournament will be an optional double points event. If you are short on points for the Tournament of Champions, you can pay an extra $20 at the September 2nd tournament and receive double points. The September 23 Tournament will be a Go for the Gold Event. (Entry Fee $400) This event is an open event but we will awarding double points to Anglers Dream Members that participate. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, but we hope this will allow everyone to get the required tournaments and points to attend the Tournament of Champions. Thank you for you continued support and understanding. 

Stan Zatorski

 2019 Division 23 

Braidwood Lake 

Entry Fee

*Includes Big Bass

5 Qualifying Events

80% Payback at the Ramp

1 Go for the Gold Open - Entry Fee $400
90% Payback

Tournament of Champions 180% Payback


Alan Bernicky (708) 491-6659

Chris Bernicky 708-932-2154

Braidwood Lake Off Limits

All mandatory DNR off limits on Braidwood Lake are not to be violated during these events. There will be no entry of casting into these areas including the cold water discharge.  Also the walleye rearing is off limits. Contestants are not to go or cast past the gates leading into the pond. Violation of any of these restrictions is grouds for disqualification from this event and a permanant suspension from all of Anglers Dream future tournaments.

Schedule of Events

    Date                           Ramp                                        Location                                        Time


May 19                      North Ramp                            Braidwood, IL                          6:15am to 2:30pm

June 10                     North Ramp                            Braidwood, IL                          6:15am to 2:30pm 

June 17                      North Ramp                            Braidwood, IL                          6:15am to 2:30pm 
                                            Postponed      Special Event - Braidwood (Go For The Gold)

June 24                      North Ramp                            Braidwood, IL                          6:15am to 2:30pm 


September 2             North Ramp                            Braidwood, IL                          6:15am to 2:30pm 

                                              Double Points Available for an additional $20


September 23           North Ramp                            Braidwood, IL                          6:15am to 2:30pm 

Special Event - Braidwood (Go For The Gold) Double Points Awarded to Anglers Dream Members