Division 51
St. Joe River Singles

Director: John Federnok 574-274-7251

Schedule of Events

    Date                              Ramp                                                         Location                            Time    


April 12            Margaret Pricket (Maggies) Ramp                Mishawaka, IN          7:15am to 3:30pm


May 17              Margaret Pricket (Maggies) Ramp               Mishawaka, IN           6:30am to 2:30pm


June 21             Margaret Pricket (Maggies) Ramp                Mishawaka, IN          6:15am to 2:30pm


July 12              Margaret Pricket (Maggies) Ramp                Mishawaka, IN          6:15am to 2:30pm


Aug. 15             Margaret Pricket (Maggies) Ramp                Mishawaka, IN           7:00am to 3:00pm   




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